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How to book a behaviour consultation 

How to book

Step 1: Get in touch

Give me a call, message or email if you would like to arrange a booking. Please provide me with a brief description of your dog's behaviour concern/s.


Phone: 07554 233 926

Not sure if a behaviour consultation is right for you? Give me a free non-obligatory call, email or message to discuss your questions and to see if a behaviour consultation is what you need.

Step 2: Choose a date and time

You will then be sent a list of dates and times to choose for the behaviour consultation.

Behaviour consultations and follow-up sessions are currently only held during weekends, between the hours of 1-6pm.

Step 3: Payment

Either full payment or a 25% deposit is required for the booking to be secured.

DID YOU KNOW? Some pet insurance companies reimburse the fee for a behaviourist's services. Contact your insurance company to find out if you're covered.

Step 4: Veterinary referral

Before a consultation can take place, I require a signed referral form from your vet. Your vet may first want to check your dog over for any signs of pain or medical issues that could be affecting the behaviour.

Why is this important?

Many behaviour problems are caused or affected by pain or medical issues. These issues may not be obvious, so it's important your vet rules this out first.

Step 5: Questionnaire

You will be required to complete and return a questionnaire regarding your dog at least a week before the consultation.

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