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Megan Richardson - Dog Behaviour Specialist

About Me

Hi, my name's Meg, and I run Pro-Positive Pet Behaviour 


I am passionate about animals, and I've always had a keen interest in animal behaviour and welfare. After experiencing behaviour issues with my own first dog and overcoming them, I developed a passion for wanting to help others with their own animals' behaviour concerns.

I am a qualified and experienced animal behaviourist, with years of experience working with dogs. 

My work in the industry includes:

  • Work in boarding and rescue kennels.

  • Assisting in dog training classes and providing 1-2-1 dog training instruction.

  • Observing animal behaviour consultations led by Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CCABs)

  • Leading animal behaviour consultations under the supervision of CCABs.

  • Conducting dog behaviour consultations as an associate behaviourist at Second Nature Behaviour Ltd 

  • Providing follow-up sessions for 'Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals'

My qualifications:

  • First Class BSc (Hons) Degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare from Harper Adams University

  • BTEC Extended Diploma in Animal Management


Megan Richardson - Dog Behaviour Specialist
Megan Richardson - Dog Behaviour Specialist

About me


I am qualified to degree level, and kept updated by methods backed by science


I follow a strict code of conduct, and am a registered Animal Training Instructor with ABTC


I have learned from and practised with other qualified professionals


I advocate the use of reward based training methods

"Meg bought with her a variety of activities and treats until we hit upon one that caught Eric’s interest. Clearly we were not doing things right at all, but Meg never said or made us feel at fault and was kind and encouraging throughout."

Hillary and Eric

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