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Beagle on a walk

1-2-1 Dog Training in Staffordshire

My 1-2-1 dog training instruction provides support for owners who would like to teach their dogs specific behaviours, and for those who are experiencing difficulties with their dog's training.

Examples inlude:

  • Teaching your dog recall

  • Teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead

  • Teaching your dog to stop jumping up

  • Puppy training and socialisation

  • Teaching "sit", "down", "leave it", "stay" etc.

  • Teaching general manners and calm behaviour

Megan Richardson with a client and a dog

1-2-1 training sessions last 1-hour, and are held at your home, on a walk, in a park or secure dog field. During the session, we will discuss your aims, how to manage your dog's training issues, and we will practise doing some training with your dog. You may be provided with handouts with training protocols to follow in your own time. After the session, you will be sent an email with an action plan. These sessions involve me demonstrating and/or instructing you how to train your dog. It's unlikely that we will be able to train your dog to perform specific behaviours, or overcome training issues in one session, as training often requires lots of time, patience and repetition. Therefore, we may need several sessions together to make significant progress with your dog, and it will be down to you to continue the training in your own time.

Each 1-hour session costs £45. The full payment is required to secure your booking. If you book 3 or more sessions at once, then a 10% discount will be applied to the full cost of booking those sessions. My in-person 1-2-1 training services cover a distance of 30 miles from Cresswell, Stoke-on-Trent (ST11 9RA). If you live further than 30 miles, there will be an additional charge of £1 per mile. Please note that I am currently only available to provide my services at weekends or weekday evenings. 


Please ensure you have read and understand my terms and conditions before booking, paying particular attention to my cancellation and re-arrangement policy. If you book a service with me, it's taken that you agree to these terms.

Get in touch if you'd like a quick chat to gauge whether my services are right for you. Or, if you'd like to go ahead and book a session with me, click here.

What my services will and won't offer you:

Professional advice and training plans for you to follow, that is specific to your situation and your dog's needs.

Training plans, guidance, ongoing support, and training instruction to support you with achieving these aims.

Advice based on up-to-date research and understanding, including the use of reward-based training methods

A quick fix or a promise to 'cure' your dog's behaviour and training concerns (unfortunately, I don't have a magic wand!)

Advice relating to using harsh punishment methods on your dog, such as shock collars, hitting, showing your dog who's boss, or telling your dog off.

Dog settle on a mat

Training your dog for you. 

Why book with me?

Unlike most other dog trainers in the area, I am an accredited Animal Training Instructor (ATI) with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC). This means I have been thoroughly assessed to meet this high standard of accreditation. I have many years of experience supporting owners of dogs with training issues. I use reward-based dog training methods only.

Get to know me!

Arrange a free discovery phone call with me to discuss the behaviour or training concerns you're experiencing with your dog. Use the opportunity to ask me questions about me and my services. Together, we can decide which support package will suit you and your dog best.

Send me an email, text or give me a call to arrange.

07554 233 926

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