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Veterinary Referral

For vets:

I am a qualified and experienced dog behaviourist covering Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

In order to rule out any physiological causes for the problem behaviour, and in accordance with the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC) and Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) Code of Conduct, I only work on veterinary referral. In order to safeguard the welfare of your patient, please examine the patient to investigate potential physiological causes for the behaviour problem/s. So long as physiological causes have been ruled out or addressed, please complete the electronic form here, or download and complete the following form (below) to indicate your approval for your client to be referred for a behaviour consultation. Once completed, the form needs to be emailed to me at


Why refer your clients to me?

  • Many behaviour problems in animals are caused by medical factors. Therefore, to work professionally and in accordance with my Code of Conduct, I only work on veterinary referral. 

  • I keep you informed - you will receive a copy of the behaviour modification plan sent to clients, and you will be provided with feedback on how the client is progressing.

  • I am qualified to degree level, experienced, and working towards accreditation as a 'Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist' (CCAB) and a 'Clinical Animal Behaviourist' (CAB).

  • I use reward-based methods only that are backed by science. I never advocate for harsh punishment training methods.

For more information about me, click here.

For more information about my services, click here.

Referral forms

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How else I can support you

Being a trusted behaviourist to refer clients to isn't the only way I can be of help to you! 

I can also offer you free CPD, advice, or I can point you in the right direction to other suitable sources of information. I woud also consider running puppy socialisation sessions at your practice free of charge.

Please feel free to get in touch or invite me to a meeting so we can discuss how we can work together and how I can support you.

You can also find helpful advice on my blog, and YouTube channel.

Click here for my contact information.

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